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Deliver My Meds offers a safe, affordable, reliable & convenient way to have your prescription medications delivered right to your front door. No more making trips to the pharmacy & wasting time in pharmacy lines!

Sign up for our service and receive personalized and pre-sorted medications that are carefully packaged and labeled. Receive the medications that can’t be placed into packets, such as inhalers & liquids. Through a combination of convenient packaging, personalized service & cutting-edge technologies, we provide a better pharmacy experience.

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Deliver My Meds

Deliver My Meds is an independently-owned, full-service community retail pharmacy based in Hauppauge, New York. Our personalized service to patients includes convenient packaging, synchronization of medications, and delivery of your prescriptions.

Our on-site clinical pharmacists are expert in patient consultation and provide Medication Therapy Management to help enhance therapeutic outcomes for patients.

Delivery My Meds is committed to improving the health of our customers and the communities we serve.

Home Prescription Medicine Delivery

Take control of your prescriptions today! Start enjoying the convenience and personalized pharmacy experience that we have to offer by having your prescription medications delivered to you.

Deliver My Meds Mission:


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We Care Beyond Prescriptions.

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Patient Care

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Pharmacy Technicians

We have seasoned pharmacy technicians on staff who help our pharmacists accurately measure, package and label prescriptions.

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