The 340B program is a state-initiated drug pricing program that began in 1992. The sole purpose of this program is to provide a way for eligible covered entities, mostly hospitals and healthcare organizations, to avail of outpatient medicines at a lower price for their eligible patients. This program is under the supervision of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Under our 340B program at Deliver My Meds, we provide access for qualified patients of these eligible covered entities to acquire their medicines at a reduced price. This provides a great advantage for the patient and their family particularly on specialty medicines, which tend to be sold at higher pricing.

The patients who qualify for the 340B should pass the following requirements:

  • They have an established relationship with the covered entity, be it a hospital or a healthcare facility, such that their health records are maintained by the said entity.
  • They have been under the care of a healthcare professional who is employed by the eligible hospital or healthcare facility either on a permanent or contractual basis, such that the patient’s overall care is still under the responsibility of the said hospital or facility.
  • They have been receiving healthcare services from the qualified hospital or healthcare facility and which services have qualified the grant funding that it is allocated for.

If the entity has only been providing the service of prescribing or giving medications to the patient, such a patient is not considered qualified.

With the 340B program, qualified patients can benefit in the following ways:

  • Receives quality patient care that is specialized to their condition
  • A comprehensive review of administered medications
  • Confidential and convenient delivery of one’s prescribed medications
  • Increased adherence to improve one’s condition
  • Properly packaged medicines to promote proper compliance
  • Compounded medicine in cases of personalized needs of drugs
  • A patient-centered follow-up to increase their adherence

Are you a hospital or healthcare facility qualified in the 340B program? Are you or a loved one you know admitted to the care of a 340B-program-covered entity? Your quest for cheaper but potent medicines ends with our 340B program.

You can get your prescribed outpatient medicines at Deliver My Meds. As your healthcare partner, we work with you in creating further options so that your medications can be administered without being too worried about the costs.

Would you’d like to understand further what 340B is all about or how it can benefit you? Feel free to contact us. Our friendly pharmacists will be glad to answer your inquiries.